Delivery terms

The is an e-commerce online store.

The ordered products are delivered to the specified address in a new, unopened package. A invoice-guarantee (document) is provided with the product.

When placing an order, we ask you to make sure that the address, telephone number and name you provide are correct and complete.

After placing your order, our operators will contact you at the specified phone number to confirm the order.

Orders not confirmed within 24 hours will be cancelled.

Delivery within Ashgabat:

Delivery within the city of Ashgabat is free. Standard orders are delivered within 24 hours after confirmation.

Express delivery service within the city of Ashgabat is carried out within 1 hour after confirmation of the order.

The cost of express delivery service is 20 manats.

Delivery to the centers of Velayats and etraps:

Delivery to the city of Mary is free.

The cost of delivery to the centers of Velayats and etraps starts from 50 manats.

Delivery to the centers of Velayats and etraps takes an average of 48 hours.

If the weight of the purchased goods exceeds 5 kg, an additional fee of 5 manats is charged for each additional kg.

The client can choose the type of pickup or delivery method according to his preference.

The customer may also consult with the operator regarding the implementation of the preferred method.

Force-major and other terms: 

The terms and conditions of the delivery can be changed anytime. We ask you to clarify the delivery conditions with our consultant.

In case of return of goods delivered to the velayats, the costs for delivery services are borne by the customer.