Delivery & Warranty

Dear customers, the company provides a guarantee to the consumer of the product from the date of sale of the goods, subject to the following conditions:

The buyer received complete necessary and reliable information about the purchased product and its manufacturer. The warranty period for goods is calculated from the date of sale to the consumer, and not indicated on the labeling of the goods. The product must be used in accordance with the rules set forth in the instruction manual [warranty card].


1. The absence of this warranty card [invoice] or the signature of the buyer on it;

2. Violations of the rules of operation of the product;

3. Use for industrial or professional purposes, exceeding the recommended load by the manufacturer;

4. The presence of damage or traces of repairs made independently [any opening], violation of the manufacturer's original seals [damage to factory screws];

5. The presence of mechanical damage [faults, chips, dents, scratches, swelling, traces of soot and soot, torn or burnt conductors]

6. Faults caused by incorrect use of ports for connecting peripheral devices [such as USB, LAN, HDMI, VGA, DVI, PS / 2, etc.], which in turn could lead to a short circuit of installed components;

7. Faults caused by the ingress of foreign objects [paper clips, splinters, etc.] of insects, liquids, as well as in the presence of traces [water, coffee, tea, cola, etc.], excessive ingress of dust or dirt;

8. The presence of chemical, electrochemical, electrostatic damage. Damage caused by non-compliance with state standards of power, communication, cable networks;

9. Incorrect work with the hardware and software of the product [Flash-Bios flashing, incorrect driver installation, self-changing settings in the pre-installed when buying WINDOWS];


1. For damage caused to other equipment operating in conjunction with this product;

2. For consumables [printheads, ink ribbons, cartridges, floppy disks, disks, power cables, chargers, batteries], including those in the finished product, they can be replaced within 14 days from the date of purchase, provided the presence of a factory defect;

3. In cases of up to 3 non-functioning pixels [monitor, LCD TV];

4. On preinstalled software [WINDOWS, drivers, antivirus]. Its restoration will be carried out for a fee, the cost of which will be notified in advance;

 Warranty repairs will be carried out within 7 [SEVEN] working days, as the necessary diagnostics for the presence of a defect [defect] and its elimination will be carried out. In cases of contentious issues during the diagnosis of malfunctions, repairs can be extended up to 14 [FOURTEEN] business days, in cases of impossibility of repair, the goods will be replaced, but only subject to the following rules:

 * If a full package is provided [original packaging, disks, documentation, power cables, power supplies, etc.] specified in the product documentation and packaging material;

* If the integrity of the purchased goods is observed, with no scratches and proper presentation. In the event of a violation of the product completeness [lack of drivers, documentation, connecting cables, fasteners or original packaging] only REPAIR will be performed.

The company is not liable for any damage [data loss, interruption of business activity, loss of business information, or other monetary losses] associated with the use or inability to use purchased equipment. [Dear customers, we ask you to duplicate all the necessary information in order to avoid data loss]